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Hyuna NJ


Cr: not me

Jennie Kim, Other Trainee Girl, And Miyeon.

Anonymous Asked:
These pictures are yours? LMAOOO even one of pictures that you stole is actually from me that i gave to that site. Srsly you really have mental illness. Poor you, the only thing you can do is stealing lol

My answer:

No you didn’t, lol. These pics are all mine, belong to me, not yours or anyone elses. Baka.

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Anonymous Asked:
Hey you thief. Why did you always put your watermark in all of unseen picts that were posted by jisooFC? And no one will save your photos here since your watermark is so annoying and it makes the photos are worse than the original. Well i say this as jisooFC's loyal fans and i hate your behavior.

My answer:

No I’m no theif, these are my pictures, your a jealous troll, goodbye.

YG Trainee Chaeyoung

Her youtube:

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